Privacy Policy

We are dealing in selling such kind of supplements which are 100% genuine and effective being formulated with all natural, organic, and pure ingredients. Our affiliate privacy policies have described it very clearly by which we are very much strict to our functioning system so as to accomplish our goals in a natural manner without using any kind of false chemicals. We are always concerned with providing the best possible services to all our clients whether they are existing or the newer ones. Our affiliate privacy policies include all the basic terms and conditions of our business enterprise to regulate its effective functioning. We don’t believe in any of the falsehoods as we are the genuine sellers and all our products are personally tested under the labs and thus proven as safe and effective too. Our products contain the highly effective and nutritional ingredients which can provide you the desired results within a very lesser time period.

What do we gather?

While placing an order on our web portal, you may have to submit some of the information over our portal but such information is very basic such as your full name, email I’d, address, phone number, your date of birth, etc., these information is required just to deliver your product to safely without any mistakes other delay. All your information helps our database to analyse the count of customers being visiting over the portal on a regular basis or the monthly basis. You just have to submit your basic details to place your order and this information is remained safe and secured over the portal and it won’t ever get leaked anywhere or to any of the other parties. All such information has been collected just to protect your privacy and to secure our database from all kinds of falsehoods. We generally ask for your information to build up a strong database for our portal to implement our own business services.

How do we utilize the cookies?

Cookies are the very basic source by which we can analyse the traffic coming or generating on our web portal as such cookies can help us to enhance all our database. These cookies help us to store the customer’s data on our website so as to secure our business system in an efficient manner. We never force our clients to accept such option of cookies as it depends on them whether they accept the cookies or decline the same. We usually utilize the cookies to analyse the target audience being generating over our website. We don’t believe in creating the fake data as we are just committed to have the genuine data being collected from all our genuine clients and nothing else. These cookies also help our database to reach to a particular client or to identify whether the users are getting a better experience or not. The one who is searching for any of the nutritional supplements can simply opt our website to place an order without any hassle.